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Plan for 2018

11th January 2018

2017 went past fast didn't it?

I've planted some good seeds in 2017 which a plan to nuture into fruition in 2018.


In my day job, these are some of the ideas I'm working on which are going quite well...

  • Conflict Club - where colleagues can challenge ideas and processes in an open way without being personally attacked. Only the ideas can be discussed honestly and openly.
  • Project Eximius. I have yet to write about this but will in due course. Eximius is Latin for "awesome". Basically our processes suck across the board, from our SDLC, collaboration to support and everything not mentioned! Together with the conflict club we're moving forward one step at a time using Kaizen.
  • Be more honest. A lot of colleagues don't seem to have any get up and go even when they have been giving a nudge in the right direction. Tip-toeing around the issue helps no one including themselves. Honesty and the offer of help I think will help.
  • Continue to work towards a better score in the Owasp SAMM. I scored us using their template and it was dire, but not unexpected. We have made some improvements in 2017 but there's still loads to do in 2018.
  • Cycle to work. It's 20 miles each way. I did it quite a lot last summer, but when winter set in I just found it hard to get out of bed in the dark! That combined with a pannier with laptop and other buts and bobs made cycling miserable. I managed to bag a bargain electric bike on Black Friday and have subsequently ridden to work every week since (I only go into the office 3 times a week though!) This saves me £7 a day in petrol as well as busting stress and getting fitter.

My plan is quite simple:

  • Write at least blog a month. This one counts for January!
  • Create one video or more a month, on the OWASP Top 10 2017 and similar content. My woeful output has only been two short videos so far! Check them out on YouTube but making videos is very time consuming. I have extra renewed respect for all those Pluralsight authors who create so much content.
  • Complete my AgilePM course. I have the book and most of the knowledge so just need to hone it into the correct form for a computer test and hey-presto, certified AgilePM!
  • Actually finish one of my Xamarin apps. Yoda says "do or do not" but with the videos, learning, research and kids I'm not sure how much spare time I'll have for this.
  • Cycle more (as in cycling to work) but also continue to run, which I used to hate. Once I managed to run for 50 metres, then a minute, then a mile, then a couple of miles I actaully felt good and prepared for my first 5k park run which we have just down the road from me.

I've learned to love audio books on Audible. Jon Sonmez reckons he listens to them at 3X speed to get through a large quantity. I can manage 2X speed while driving which is fine. I find it harder to listen while cycling (using a speaker not headphones) I prefer pumping house music, it's more motivational and pedestrians love it too! Other bloggers have listed their reads so I think I will. I have learned so much so fast it has really expanded my horizons.

Get Fitter

Cycling to work and running will be enoughn fitness, but I love eating which is my downfall. I need to eat less for all the exercise to work. I've stopped eating the free b iscuits at work but still a bit partial to crisps (US:chips) so must cut thoem back.


I'm very excited by 2018. There's lots to do but learning and producing things makes my day so bring it on.

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