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Sorry About The Delay In Posting

5th January 2016

It seems to have been 4 months since my last blog post. In that time I've been pretty busy!

Firstly sprog #3 arrived in October, meaning he has taken over my office. At the same time I was demolishing our "shed" that a previous owner had made from old pieces of fence and deck. To say it was unsafe was being kind. It was literally nailed together so I couldn't easily fix the massive hole in the roof!
Shed thing Bodged Shed semi demolished It took a suprising amount of time to desmantle safely, but once it was sawn up it fitted in the back of the car!
Wood in the back of the car

In its place we needed a new garage. We asked many builders to come round and quote but none even replied. So much for a recession! In the end we got a pre-fabricated concrete garage from Lidget garages which was amazing value and I highly recommend them.

First we needed a new steel reinforced base to replace the cracked and uneven one.
New base concrete

Then a few weeks later the Lidget guys came and erected (he he he) the new garage in one afternoon. Very impressive.
Lidget Lorry You are able to specify to have a partition put in to create an interior room. I wanted the partition to have really good insulation so that it wasn't cold and required minimal heating requirements. I hate heat as well so in the summer it needed it to be cool. Sheds and garages can get notoriously hot even in the UK!

Here's some images of the internals being built:
Damp proof layer and floor Battens and floor panels Insulation Vapour barrier sheet

And here it is almost finished. A multitude of features make it pretty secure including steel doors, CCTV, alarms and various sensors. It even has 220Mbs internet which is awesome!
Almost finished Hopefully now I can chill out in my man-cave and be productive. The next post will be in less than 4 months!

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