About Me

I'm Dominic Batstone. I live in the south east of the United Kingdom about 20 miles from London.

My day job is working at Microsoft, based at Reading in the UK, in the Developer Support team.  My role is part managerial, part technical and part sales. It's pretty unique!

The technical aspect gets me in front of customers and shows them things like Azure Devops, GitHub and Power Apps. I manage a bunch of Developer Support contracts for a variety of customers. These are paid for engineering contracts where they have a pot of engineer time which can be used for more or less anything as long as it's not production work. I discover what they need to improve, innovate or increase velocity and then create programmes of work.  As part of that process I'll resource engineers with the relevant skills and dispatch them according to the planned timeline, all the time liasing with the customer stakeholders and engineers to ensure everything is proceeding as planned.  Finally the pre-sales aspect gets me talking to executives and managers at potential new customers to position Developer Support contracts.

My previous roles have all been Software Development related (including coding, database & infrastructure).

I love security, processes and DevOps (culture and tooling) and more recently the Power Platform which is awesome. Hopefully my blog will highlight interesting things in relation to all of these and more.

Outside of the tech world, I'm also a Level 2 Qualified British Cycling coach for a local kids cycling club.

Feel free to get in touch by email at dominic.batstone@gmail.com or connect on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/dombat/