Time for a C# Refresh

My skills are a bit out of date, so time for a C# refresh. using Jon Skeets C# indepth 4th Edition, I'll be posting blogs, mainly for me to learn from them but for you, my beautiful audience too!

Time for a C# Refresh

Ok, so I started work at Microsoft in August 2019 knowing my skills were reasonably out of date.  This was mainly because I had been working on an old monolithic bit of software that we kept adding more features to at my old company. Day to day was basically .NET3.5!

In the past three months I've ramped-up on loads of Azure technologies, passed Azure Fundamentals Certification and studying for the Azure Developer Associate exam. Even so, my primary job for the last eight years or so has basically been to write C#, but the language changes as the years pass and I haven't kept up to date.

Therefore I will start writing some short blogs on newer C# features, mainly for me to learn, but for you to learn too. (Note: when I say "newer" I mean "things I dont really know"!)  This page will be the kind-of "index" page which I'll update as I publish posts.

To aid me in my learning, I have purhased the superbly awesome Jon Skeets' C# in-depth 4th Edition.

I had the older 2nd edition. This new (as of May 2019) 4th edition is heavily revised, making the chapters about older C# concepts shorter and concentrating on the new concepts. When you buy the book, your supposed to be able to download the older versions too (but I have yet to try!)


Tuple<T> and ValueTuple<T> : a data structure consisting of many parts

The way you use Using in C#8 is changing